Local Family Owned Auto Auction. Centrally Located in O’Fallon MO.
Every dealer is trying to buy your car right now. All the big corporate instant bid dealers want your car.
Why spend the time to driving around getting offers or take the trade number offered from just one dealer? We have 1000s of dealer live online each week waiting to bid on your vehicle.
Save time and get more money.
Easy Process. Fill out form below and we can give you an idea of what the vehicle would bring through the auction. All vehicles run with a reserve price. You are welcome to accept or decline the high bid.
Ever see the big car auctions on TV? Same thing but in your back yard every Wednesday. Watch your car run across the auction block in person or from any mobile device online.
We run every type of vehicle with prices from $2,000 to $200,000.
We handle all of the paperwork and title transfer for you.
Easy Process. We work with you to see what you need out of the vehicle and also provide you with some baseline numbers of what vehicles like yours have been selling for.
Only $50 if the vehicle does not sell.
We can assist with pickup and drop off as well.

No Upfront Cost

Please Fill Out Information Below and Someone From Our Team Will Contact You.

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