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Murder in the name God

This is not recommended A.A. literature but was found to be interesting enough to be included on this site.


Murder in the name God.

This would suggest a horribly sadistic Creator. Or the quintessential oxymoron.

No matter. The fact is that human evolution has been but a tragic parade of fratricidal butchery perpetrated in the name of God.

As this is written, the world is awash in blood in the name of God.

Jews and Moslems are destroying each other to propitiate their gods (and they both share common prophets.) Catholics and Protestants are murdering each other to appease their gods (and they are both essentially Christians.) Hindus and Sikhs are annihilating each other to pacify their gods (and the founder of Sikhism was a Hindu.) Christians and Moslems are butchering each other to expiate their gods (and they both share many common saints.) Buddhists and Hindus are brutalizing each other to pay homage to their gods (and to think that the Buddha was born a Hindu.) Ad nauseam.

This begs the question: Is there more than one God ?

[NB: Most Westerners are unaware that even Allah is not the name of some sovereign Moslem deity, but simply the Arabic word for "God". People are shocked to discover that Arab Christians and Jews refer to God as Allah. The media never tells us these things that would only lower the "us versus them hatred required to stir up a good fight.]

Judging by the human carnage that trails into antiquity, it becomes clear that religions are hardly the loving, uplifting boon to mankind that they were intended to be.

Rather, they have transmuted into wrathful, selfish albatrosses that have kept us spiritually blind, and fueled with wanton internecine hatred.

It could be argued, of course, that not all wars are fought in the name of God, but those who engage in wars almost always have God on their side. One way or the other, God is involved.

When one observes the evolution of our species right up to its present civilized state, it becomes clear that religions are the bane of man s existence.

While such a claim may provoke outrage in some, a totally objective analysis would reveal that the conclusion is ultimately inescapable.

Nations have been built and destroyed; civilizations raised and razed; billions butchered all in the name of one group or another s idea of god .

Is it not time we rose above the divisive dogmas of our earthly religions ?

Is it not time we realized that the path to our awakening as an intelligent species requires neither the guidance nor the facilitation dispensed by our various organized religions ?

Is it not time we were collectively de-programmed of our blind adherence to religious dogma, and awakened to the reality of one loving Creator?

If not now, when?

It is time we awoke to our innate potential to directly connect with the inborn spiritual inheritance that dwells within every one of us. Especially at this perilous juncture in our evolution, it is vital that we awaken truly awaken to the central truth that, regardless of our individual religious persuasions, every one of us worships one and the same loving Creator who sees each one of us as would a mother her child.

While almost everyone eagerly pays lip service to understanding and accepting this truth, our conduct on the world s stage only reveals our utter ignorance of it.

This pivotal realization alone would help begin the huge task of breaking down the religious walls that compartmentalize mankind, and unfold the petals of understanding, compassion, and love. True, we have mastered relatively advanced technologies; we have even broken our earthly bonds and ventured to our moon (an achievement that, in the cosmic sense, could be singularly unimpressive to more advanced civilizations.)

But all the while, nothing fundamental has changed within us. Nothing.

In Jihads invoked by Muslim zealots, they (misguidedly) believe that their god promises them salvation if they destroy all enemies who are non-believers. We dismiss their beliefs and actions as uncivilized, barbarian, heathen. Then, the leader of the world s most powerful nation invokes his God's will and divine guidance in his effort to assassinate a foreign despot even at the cost of the lives of thousands of God s innocent creations. Voila! Another mortal is awakened (this one from the throes of alcoholism) to the dictate of our god. He brands the invasion of a sovereign nation a Crusade and gives war in the name of our God its final imprimatur. They kill us in the name of their god. We kill them in the name of ours.

And God weeps.

Has anyone stopped to wonder whether the One loving Creator of the universe would encourage, let alone command, his creations to annihilate each other? Is this the height to which our much-touted intelligence has evolved? Is it not time we awoke and washed away these incendiary religious war paints that spur us to these ceaseless cycles of destruction? Is it not time we shed our partisan liturgical incantations and began the quiet inward journey to find harmony and oneness with the Divine universal force that dwells within all sentient beings? One would think that common sense alone would shake us out of these self-induced sectarian stupors and pry open our eyes.

For instance, would it be unreasonable to conclude that God The Creator of the cosmos is unlikely to have appointed the motley array of religious brokers and interpleaders on this planet to serve on His behalf? Would it be ignorant to deduce that God is unlikely to have personally sanctioned the plethora of agencies and scriptures that cavalierly usurp His name? Would it be unintelligent to surmise that God did not personally decree the litany of taboos and rituals that followers of all religions so blindly obey?

Regardless of one s religion , would not many of the holy decrees that we have been conditioned to embrace as God s inviolate word evaporate upon intelligent analysis?

Besides defy logic, some of these beliefs are an affront to the very intelligence and powers of reasoning that God has bestowed in His sentient creations. To whit, is it plausible that the Creator would denounce the eating of beef to one small group of humans living on an infinitesimal speck of cosmic dust orbiting on an obscure edge of but one of numberless galaxies that occupy His multidimensional universe? Is it conceivable that God would proscribe the consumption of pork to yet another group of denizens of this insignificant speck? (Even the meat of clean, corn-fed pigs - while inexplicably permitting this very group to gorge on prawns, crabs and the like that feed on feces?)

Is it probable that God would have decreed that yet another group on this speck of stellar dust avoid all physical toil on one day of every week? (While living on a parcel of real estate allegedly bestowed personally by Him to this clearly favored group?)

Is it credible that the compassionate Creator would summarily banish to hell and for eternity, no less all those heathens who have not heard, accepted, and thus been saved and born again by His alleged teachings disseminated through yet another branch of His curious array of messengers? (Even if the hapless souls so cruelly sentenced lived virtuous lives, but committed the only sin of inhabiting some remote reach yet untouched by these God s mortal couriers?)

Is it likely that God dispatched His only son to this nondescript cosmic speck to set our species straight, and thereby unfairly deprived the myriad other intelligent beings that populate the rest of His universe of like spiritual counsel? (And this is a sad misinterpretation indeed when one considers that the great spiritual teacher to whom this claim is ascribed said nothing of the sort. What he did say was that we are all God s children but in AD 553 the Council of Constantinople ripped from his teachings almost all such truths that the Council feared would empower the masses and thus undermine the power of the church.)

Can one seriously entertain the possibility that it was God who engineered the metallic chariot of iron that Ezekiel saw descend from the heavens, and which spewed fire beneath it as it descended upon the earth and required a wheel within a wheel to traverse the ground upon which it moved? One would think that if God needed a vehicle with a reactive propulsion system and a motive undercarriage for His transportation, He would have rather a difficult time jetting to the corners of the cosmos to tend to His scattered flock.

Surely, would not any sentient being of this age imbued with a modicum of intellectual discernment dismiss these beliefs as positively laughable upon gazing up at the stars one clear night and pondering the utter awesomeness of the Infinite?

Quite simply, one either chooses to see through the fog and be free, or wallow in it and be enslaved.

And herein lies the problem. The believers are programmed from birth never to pollute their faith with the God-given powers of reason. The individual inward pursuit of Truth, and belief in a singular, nameless, universal Creator only invite rebuke, or some leprotic moniker such as heathen , atheist or infidel (It also causes empty collection plates, but that s another matter.)

Free thinkers prone to reflect on the mysteries of life, meditate in the sea of universal Consciousness, and question the quaint absurdities thrust upon them by various religious dogmas present the greatest threat to the survival of these myths. Such individuals are viewed by the various religions as the most diabolical form of heresy extant. E.g., to virtually every adherent of every known religion, such independent thinkers conjure visions of the devil s work. That these infidels love, revere and worship God with all their being albeit sans the dogma seems not to matter a whit.

Fear is the mechanism of control that religions (often unwittingly) employ to ensure that their flocks never wander astray and spawn such dangerous iconoclastic agitators. Even today, after millennia of evolutionary intellectual growth, the seeds of fear implicit in the doctrines of this planet s various religions continue to keep man s blinders firmly buckled. And the furnaces of fury amply fueled.

It is a tragedy that, generation upon generation, millennia upon millennia, religious man is conditioned from birth never to question, but always to obey what is passed on to him by his forebears. It is a sad commentary on the human condition that, when it comes to spiritual matters, most people are afraid to think, question, or analyze independently on a blank sheet devoid of dogma. They would rather be led than think. They ache for these mythical crutches to give them strength . When the crutches are taken away, they feel lost, disconsolate, vulnerable. They feel a need to be corralled by righteous guidelines whose guides claim to be ordained instruments of God (and many of whom, as we continue to see, merrily abuse little children when God isn t looking). And the flocks are led to believe that without the salvation that only religions can provide they would not only be lost in the wilderness, but damned to boot.

Whichever religion one elects to examine, the docile actions of its followers are ostensibly motivated by faith , when in truth they are rooted in fear the wrath of God, fire and brimstone, denial of a visa to heaven…

And so these myths endure, and are perpetuated through successive generational herds of believers who are similarly indoctrinated and subjugated to lives of fear-based obedience. Thus snugly cocooned in their safe religious bubbles, each exuding its own soothing dogmatic salve, the faithful are then promised their due rewards heaven, nirvana, a hundred virgins… And they then dutifully brutalize each other to ensure their own salvation in accordance with the edicts of their own gods.

Is it just possible, that if one desires to find God, one need only look inward in quiet meditation and prayer? Is not meditation the purest form of prayer? And does it matter where one chooses to so pray? The fundamental misunderstanding about the differences between religions becomes easier to grasp when one awakens to the fact that all religions essentially preach the same core tenet. Take, for example, what Christ exhorted in his Sermon on the Mount:

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them".

And what did the Buddha have to say on the subject? "Hurt not others with that which pains yourself".

And Confucius? "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others".

The Quran of the Moslems admonishes, "No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself".

And in Judaism the Torah instructs, "And thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself".

The Hitopadesa of the Hindus proclaims, "Good people proceed while considering that what is best for others is best for themselves".

It is plain to see that the messages are virtually identical. They clearly emanate from the same fount of Divine universal Wisdom. So where, then, lie the differences?

The "differences" lie only in the polymorphic interpretations of Man.

NOTE: Part II of this article will be presented in the August issue of PlanetLightworker. While Part I discusses the suffering and divisiveness wrought by this planet s various religious dogmas, Part II suggests the kind of expansive cosmic thinking that may be necessary to dispel the false sense of anthropocentricity that fuels our ails. When Earth and its life forms are viewed in the context of the Great Cosmic Scheme, man s physical insignificance is laid bare; and our earthly religious and national boundaries evaporate as ludicrously inconsequential.

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