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One of Detroit's citizens stepped up to the microphone one night last
week and told how he had "hit bottom" as an alcoholic. To underline his
confession, some of the more melodramatic and sordid aspects of his past
were dramatized. Then he told of his regeneration. Summed up the
announcer: "Alcoholism is a disease . . . an obsession. . . anallergy .
. . ."

The man who "hit bottom" was the first in a parade of anonymous
Detroiters who will describe their alcoholic pasts over WWJ every other
Saturday (11:15-11:30 p.m., E.W.T.). The series is the first sustained
air flight of the famed organization called "Alcoholics Anonymous"
(Time, Oct. 23).

Detroit A.A.s give credit for the broadcast project to 62-year-old
William Edmund Scripps, big boss of the Detroit News and WWJ. He was so
impressed by A.A.'s reformation of a drunkard friend that he decided to
do what he could to boost the organization's Detroit membership (now
nearly 400).

Source: Time, March 5, 1945

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